Rhythm and Drumming Demystified
A Method to Expand Your Vocabulary While Improving Your Reading, Timekeeping, Coordination, Phrasing, and Polyrhythmic Skills
By Dave DiCenso
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The lessons in Rhythm and Drumming Demystified (R.A.D.D.) utilize a process of adapting the rudiments---and the countless variations and grooves they spawn---to the framework of five systems of common rhythmic figures, as a means to increase one's control and flexibility with any sticking or time-feel. The book also contains a groundbreaking system for using the voice to develop one's "internal clock." By using this system, drummers can improve their groove by learning to generate time with their mind and allow their body to simply be a conduit between their perception of the time and its manifestation on the drumset.
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The Importance of Verbal Recitation to Mastering Time
The Above the Neck Concept
The Above the Neck Disciplines
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CHAPTER I -- Lessons based on Rhythm Code 1
Rhythm Code 1 (Skeleton)
Chapter Preface
CHAPTER II -- Lessons based on Rhythm Code 2
Rhythm Code 2 (Skeleton)
Chapter Preface
CHAPTER III -- Lessons based on Rhythm Code 3
Rhythm Code 3 (Skeleton)
Chapter Preface
CHAPTER IV -- Lessons based on Rhythm Code 4
Rhythm Code 4 (Skeleton)
Chapter Preface
CHAPTER V -- Lessons based on Rhythm Code 5
Rhythm Code 5 (Skeleton)
Chapter Preface
CHAPTER VI -- Looking Forward
Rhythm and Drumming Demystified II