Record Deal in a Box: Single Edition
Tunecore 1-Year Publishing Deal and Studio One Recording Program
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UPC: 038081421667
ISBN 10: 0739081101
ISBN 13: 9780739081105
PRICE: $24.99
Category: Pro Audio Software
Format: Boxed Set
You just finished recording your band's song. So, how will you sell it? Record Deal in a Box: Single Edition gives you everything you need to get one song and ringtone on iTunes and other top online stores in as fast as 24 to 72 hours. Your song and ringtone will have one year of distribution through TuneCore, a music delivery and distribution service that places your original music (and even cover songs) for sale on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster, and other digital retailers. You keep 100% of your rights and royalties!

In addition to TuneCore distribution, Record Deal in a Box includes a must-have booklet of recording industry information and critical tips about copyrights, reproductions, derivatives, distribution, and other topics to help you protect your songs and make informed decisions. The booklet also includes practical advice about recording, mixing, and mastering that will improve the sound of your music. You also receive the groundbreaking music recording program Studio One Artist, by PreSonus (a $99.00 value!). From tracking and mixing to mastering and distribution, this Mac/Windows program provides a creative and intuitive environment that is optimized for speed and efficiency, yet robust enough for the most complex productions.
All In
Music Mastering Tips from the Pros
USB Microphones
Tips on Mixing
Getting Organized
Setting Up the Mixer
Groups, Buses and FX Returns
Additional Mix Preparations
Approaches to Mixing
North and South
Right II: Derivatives
Right III: Display
Right IV: Performance
Right V: Distribution
Right VI: Digital Transmissions
Protecting Yourself and Your Music
Six Exclusive Copyrights That Drive the Entire Music Business
Copyright Basics
Tips for Selling More Music Online
The Reality Behind the Magic
Tools Mastering Engineers Use
Why Do You Need an Engineer?
Meet the Author
Low Frequencies
Mid and High-Range Frequencies
Build the Foundation First
Start with the Star
Right I: The Right to Reproduce
Technology Has Changed the Music Industry
Choosing and Using Microphones
Condenser Microphones
Dynamic Microphones
Ribbon Microphones