Ready to Read Music
Sequential Lessons in Music Reading Readiness
By Jay Althouse
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ISBN 10: 0739096702
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Format: Comb Bound Book & Data CD (Enhanced CD)
This book is packed with four sequential units of eight lessons each, all designed to prepare your students to read music. Most of the lessons are followed by a page of exercises, ideal for student assessment. As a bonus, there are page after page of large, reproducible music symbols, which are great for bulletin boards and flash card learning. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.
Unit 3 -- Pitch
5. Accent, Tenuto, and Marcato
6. Repeats, First and Second Endings
7. Vocal Music
The Symbols of Music
Review Answer Key
The Water Is Wide, a performance piece
3. Bass Clef
4. Notes
5. Whole Note
6. Half Note
Unit 4 -- More Musical Symbols and Terms
1. How Loud? How Soft?
2. More About Loud and Soft
3. How Fast? How Slow?
4. Staccato and Fermata
8. Putting It All Together (L'il Liza Jane)
2. Treble Clef
Ready to Read Music Certificate
5. Sharp and Flat
6. Key Signatures
7. Naming Key Signatures
2. Note Names in the Bass Clef
3. Ledger Lines
1. Note Names in the Treble Clef
8. Eighth Note
Unit 2 -- Rhythm
1. Rests
2. Whole Rest and Half Rest
3. Quarter Rest and Eighth Rest
4. Barlines and Measures
5. Beats
6. Time Signature
7. Dots
8. Ties
Unit 1 -- Staff, Clefs, Notes
1. The Staff
4. Grand Staff
8. Natural Sign and Accidentals
7. Quarter Note