Pyramind Training Series: Welcome to the Music Business
Cash Flow---Achieving Success in the Audio Industry
By Paul Terry, Tess Taylor, Steffen Franz, Gregory J. Gordon, and Steve Heithecker
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ISBN 13: 9780739071953
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Series: Pyramind Training Series
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Format: Book & DVD
Today's music business is clearly not like it was in its peak years of the 1980s. The never-ending flow of new digital technology combined with internet-based marketing and distribution have forever altered the playing field. These changes have created a new wave of independence that has led to opportunities for artists to have much more control over their careers. Gregory J. Gordon (CEO & Founder of Pyramind), along with Tess Taylor (President & Founder of The National Association of Recording Industry Professionals), Steffen Franz (President & Founder of The Independent Distribution Collective), and Paul Terry (President of Paul Terry And Associates, Management & Entrepreneurial Training for Social Enterprise) join forces to present a compelling and thought-provoking guide to the entrepreneurial nature of the music business. This is the third book in the Pyramind Training series, and it's accompanied by a DVD that contains a discussion with Steffen Franz and Gregory J. Gordon and supporting documentation for independent artists seeking to build their plan for success.
A Sample Cover Letter
Can't Beat 'Em?
Chapter 13: How the Music Business Works
Roles in the Music Business
Other Possible "Team" Members
Chapter 14: An Overview of the Traditional "Record" and the Wider Known "Music" Industry
Video Games--The New Frontier
Chapter 4: The Future's Up to You
Section 2: Success Strategies by Tess Taylor
Introduction: Meet Tess Taylor
Chapter 5: Got Hustle?
Introduction: Some Insights into Gregory J. Gordon
Chapter 1: Time to Go to Work
Jobs in the Music Business
Personal Vision Statements
The Introduction
The Business
The Marketing Plan
The Management Plan
Chapter 12: How Am I Really Going to Make Money in This Business?
Employee Versus Entrepreneur: Which Is Right for You?
Risk/Reward Ratios and Determining a Pathway for Your Career
Introduction: Adapting to a Changing World
Your Network
Chapter 8: You, the Complete Package
The Elevator Pitch
References, Referrals, Testimonials, Letters of Recommendation
Business Cards & Database
Attributes of Winners & Losers
Getting In: Give to Get
Chapter 9: Setting the Stage for Opportunity
Etiquette, Professional Protocol & How to Work the Telephone
The History
Terrestrial Broadcasting
Chapter 15: The Business Plan Primer
Building Your Blueprint for Success
How Long Will Writing the Business Plan Take?
Creating Your Résumé Checklist
Chapter 7: Sample Résumés and Cover Letters
Getting Started
How to Begin
Executive Summary
The Business Overview
Market Analysis
Section 4: Creating the Business Plan by Paul Terry
Chapter 17: The Business Plan--A Roadmap to Success
The Bad News
The Good News
Before You Create Your Résumé (or "How to Market Your Most Important Product--You!")
Chapter 2: Useful Resources for Achieving Success
The Financial Plan
Navigating the Waters of Independence: Facts and Figures in the Music Business
New Media
Come and Get It!
Chapter 20: An Essential Plan for Success
Professional Organizations to Support Your Career
Schmooze or Lose: Networking Tips
Chapter 3: Change Is the Constant
Analysis & Business Development
Chapter 19: The Business Plan FAQ
"Forward, Never Straight"
Ten Essential Questions
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone--Take Risks!
"All-in" Producer Fund (Most Cases)
Producer Advance Versus Recording Costs
From School to the Real World
Chapter 10: When You Get the Gig--Producer Fee Ranges and Considerations
Producer's Duties
Producer Advance (Old School)
Section 1: The Entrepreneurial Nature of the Music Business by Gregory J. Gordon
The Basic One-Page Outline
Chapter 11: Success Strategies--Some Parting Advice
The Nine Things Employers Wish You Knew
Ten Things You Can Do Today
Tess Taylor's Recommended Reading List: Books
Am I an Entrepreneur? Key Questions & Personal Assessments
The Basic Skills for Long-Term Success (aka Twenty Considerations for Long-Term Success)
The Six Basic Elements of a Business Plan
Chapter 18: The Business Plan, Detailed
Tess Taylor's Recommended Reading List: Blogs & News
Your Favorites?
The Rest Is Up to You
Section 3: Welcome to the Music Business by Steffen Franz
The Producer Royalty
Oh, No You Don't! (DRM)
Your Favorites?
Who Is the Target of This Document?
Chapter 6: Your Marketing Tools--The Résumé
What Is a Business Plan?
Chapter 16: Finding Opportunities in Tough Times