Pure Energy
Tony Royster, Jr.
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UPC: 647139160924
ISBN 10: 0739050575
ISBN 13: 9780739050576
PRICE: $29.95
Category: Percussion - Drum DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Drum
Tony Royster's follow-up to his hit video Common Ground is nothing but pure energy! Overhead camera angles capture every fill as Tony and his band weave their way through several musical styles; from rhythm and blues to fusion, from jazz to rock, it's all here! Hip-Hop drumming superstar Nisan Stewart joins in as the two solo side by side, then rap about their influences and discuss the finer points of laying it down. Next, Tony breaks down his hand and foot technique, demonstrates his fluid soloing style and talks gear. Everything is in High Definition and 5.1 surround sound. Get Pure Energy and get ready to take your drumming to the next level!