Premier Piano Course: Sight-Reading Book 1B
By Carol Matz and Victoria McArthur
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UPC: 038081460628
ISBN 10: 0739096338
ISBN 13: 9780739096338
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Series: Premier Piano Course
Category: Piano - Alfred's Premier Piano Course
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Level 1B
Sight-Reading 1B develops sight reading skills through activities that reinforce reading concepts and musicality. There are 14 units correlated with Lesson Book 1B, and each unit contains five activities that emphasize note reading, rhythm, playing without stopping, and playing expressively. These activities build sight-reading skills in a simple, fun way.
Unit 1: Review
Unit 2: C 5-Finger Pattern
Unit 3: New Note A
Unit 4: Legato and Staccato
Unit 5: New Rhythm
Unit 6: 2nds and 3rds
Unit 7: G 5-Finger Pattern for RH
Unit 8: G 5-Finger Pattern for LH
Unit 9: 4ths
Unit 10: 5ths
A Note to Teachers
A Note to Students
Unit 12: New Note D
Unit 13: Flats
Unit 14: Review
Unit 11: Sharps