Power Speech
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ISBN 10: 094420015X
ISBN 13: 9780944200155
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Category: Vocal Method
Format: 2 CDs
Instrument: Voice
Research has proven that the sound of your voice affects your listeners up to three times as much as what you say! Whether you're a corporate executive, lawyer, salesperson, actor or politician, your voice is your key to greater impact and influence on your listeners! In this brilliant presentation, Hollywood vocal coaches Geoffrey G. Forward and Elisabeth Howard show you how to put charisma and charm in your voice, sound more confident, trustworthy and knowledgeable, increase the strength of your voice, and speak for hours without losing your voice! This eight week program for developing the full potential of your voice includes more than 150 exercises for relaxation, breathing, resonance, articulation, intonation, inflection, effective phrasing, and more!