Plain White T's: Guitar TAB Anthology
Plain White T's
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ISBN 10: 0739086588
ISBN 13: 9780739086582
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Series: Guitar TAB Anthology
Category: Guitar Personality
Format: Book
Instrument: Guitar
Version: Authentic Guitar TAB
Twenty-one of Plain White T's songs in full guitar TAB. Titles: 1,2,3,4 * A Lonely Summer * Airplane * All That We Needed * Boomerang * Breakdown * Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk * Hate (I Don't Really Like You) * Hey There Delilah * If I Told You * Last Call * Let Me Take You There * My Only One * Natural Disaster * Our Time Now * Revenge * Rhythm of Love * Sad Story * Shine * Take Me Away * Write You a Song.
A Lonely September Tom Higgenson (composer)
Hey There Delilah Tom Higgenson (composer)
Breakdown Tom Higgenson (composer)
Take Me Away Danny Wilde (composer); Phil Solem (composer); Tom Higgenson (composer)
1, 2, 3, 4 Tom Higgenson (composer)
Revenge Tom Higgenson (composer)
Our Time Now Tom Higgenson (composer); Mike Daly (composer); Mia Post (composer)
Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk Tom Higgenson (composer); Kraig Tyler (composer); Bret Mazur (composer)
Let Me Take You There Tom Higgenson (composer)
Natural Disaster Tom Higgenson (composer); Timothy J. Lopez (composer); Mike Retondo (composer); Ian Kirkpatrick (composer)
Hate (I Really Don't Like You) Tom Higgenson (composer)
Shine Tom Higgenson (composer)
If I Told You Tom Higgenson (composer)
Sad Story Tom Higgenson (composer)
All That We Needed Shelly Peiken (composer); Tom Higgenson (composer)
Rhythm of Love Timothy J. Lopez (composer)
Boomerang Tom Higgenson (composer); Jeremy Smith (composer)
Write You a Song Tom Higgenson (composer)
Last Call Tom Higgenson (composer)
My Only One Tom Higgenson (composer); Mike Retondo (composer)
Airplane Tom Higgenson (composer); Mike Retondo (composer)