Piano Literature of the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries, Book 1
An Introduction Through Folk Songs and Singing Games
Arr. David Kraehenbuehl, selected and correlated by Frances Clark and edited by Louise Goss
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Series: Frances Clark Library for Piano Students
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Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
This series surveys three centuries of keyboard music, including representative shorter works by: Bach * Handel * Scarlatti * C.P.E. Bach * Haydn * Clementi * Mozart * Beethoven * Schubert * Mendelssohn * Chopin * Schumann * Tchaikovsky * Grieg * MacDowell. The student is helped to achieve stylistically correct performance through editing based on original sources, clear interpretation of ornaments, a glossary of musical terms and symbols for each book, and biographical material on composers, relating them to their period in music history.