Turn the Beat Around
A Drummer's Guide to Playing "Backbeats" on 1 & 3
By Paul Wertico
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Instrument: Drumset
Habits and traditions are often hard to change, but discovering new and creative ways of rearranging and rethinking established norms is what distinguishes a great drummer and provides endless challenge and possibilities. Turn the Beat Around breaks decades-old routine by examining "backbeats" in a whole new light, asking the questions: "Why are backbeats always played on beats 2 & 4?" and "What about playing them on beats 1 & 3?" By delving into this inquiry, Paul Wertico provides drummers with innovative ways of expanding groove vocabulary, solidifying time, and mastering coordination and limb independence. Wertico has even coined a new word for these types of reversed beats---frontbeats.
Chapter 1: Quarter-Note Grooves
Chapter 2: Eighth-Note Bass Drum Grooves
Chapter 3: Ride Cymbal & Bass Drum Grooves
Chapter 4: Eighth-Note-Triplet Grooves
Chapter 5: Hi-Hat Patterns
Chapter 6: Accented Snare Drum Patterns
Chapter 7: Accented Ride Cymbal Patterns
Chapter 8: Additional Bass Drum Patterns
Chapter 9: Additional Ride Cymbal Patterns
Chapter 10: Linear Grooves
Chapter 11: Downbeats to Backbeats (and back)
Chapter 12: Fills
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