Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course, Book 10
By Willard A. Palmer and Bill Hughes
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ISBN 10: 0739012932
ISBN 13: 9780739012932
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Series: Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course
Category: Accordion
Format: Book
Instrument: Accordion
This comprehensive method of music instruction enables the beginner to progress to an advanced stage of technical skill. "La Virgen De La Macarenas," "One Fine Day," and "Young Prince and the Young Princess (Scherezade)" are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections.
Abbreviations for Repeated Notes
Exercises for Rapidly Repeated Notes
"La Virgen de la Macarenas"
More Abbreviations for Repeated Notes
Exercises for Developing Rapid Tremolo
The Melodic Minor Scale
Double Flats and Double Sharps
Preparation for "March of the Toys"
"March of the Toys"
The Key of D-flat Major
Preparation for "Waltz in D-flat Major"
"Waltz in D-flat Major"
The Rhythm of Two Against Three
The Rhythm of Three Against Four
Arpeggiando (Broken Chords)
"Hungarian Dance No. 6"
The Range of the Basses
Musical Phrasing of Selections with Lyrics
"One Fine Day"
"The Flight of the Bumble-bee"
The Phrasing of Orchestral Music
Preparation for "The Young Prince and the Young Princess"
"The Young Prince and the Young Princess"
An Important Bellows Technique
Basic Principles of Rubato Playing
The Bellows Shake in Triplets
"Variations on a Ukrainian Theme"
Comprehensive Test
Certificate of Graduation