One-Page Composer Bios
50 Reproducible Biographies of Famous Composers
By Jay Althouse
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Format: Comb Bound Book
Version: Teacher's Handbook (100% Reproducible)
One-Page Composer Bios is a 100% reproducible book containing brief, informative, and interesting one-page biographies of 50 of history’s greatest composers. Use these easy-to-read bios as a complete course in composers or music history---studying as many or as few composers as you wish---or use them as supplemental material in the music classroom. Also included, as a bonus, are one-page histories of each of the six eras of music from the Medieval-era through the 20th century. Recommended for grades 5 and up. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.
The Romantic Era
The Twentieth Century
About the Author
Johann Sebastian Bach
Bela Bartok
The Classical Era
Richard Wagner
The Medieval Era
The Renaissance Era
The Baroque Era
Ludwig van Beethoven
Hector Berlioz
Leonard Bernstein
Johannes Brahms
Cesar Franck
Claude Debussy
Antonin Dvorak
Edward Elgar
Duke Ellington
George Gershwin
Christoph Gluck
Edvard Grieg
George Frideric Handel
Franz Joseph Haydn
Antonio Vivaldi
Igor Stravinsky
Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Giuseppe Verdi
Franz Liszt
Fannie Mendelssohn Hensel
Hildegard von Bingen
Charles Ives
Scott Joplin
Gustav Mahler
Felix Mendelssohn
Claudio Monteverdi
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Giacomo Puccini
Modest Mussorgsky
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Francis Poulenc
Sergei Prokofiev
Aaron Copland
Benjamin Britten
Anton Bruckner
Frederic Chopin
Clara Schumann
Robert Schumann
Dmitri Shostakovich
John Philip Sousa
Richard Strauss
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Maurice Ravel
Gioacchino Rossini
Arnold Schoenberg
Franz Schubert