Nurtured by Love (Revised Edition)
Translated from the Original Japanese Text
By Shin'ichi Suzuki
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Now in a new translation, this book is legendary pedagogue Shin'ichi Suzuki's exploration of the concepts of his Talent Education philosophy through a personal narrative of discovery and experiences. Taken from the original Japanese directly into English, this new work provides fascinating insight into the mind of the master. Both the original Nurtured by Love and Nurtured by Love Revised Edition are a must for any teacher, player, or devotee of Dr. Suzuki's teachings, and promise to inspire new generations.
Prologue: A Day of Marveling
1. Ability Is Meant to Be Fostered
Ability Begets Ability
Ability Is Not Innate
Not Wishing for Heaven
Intuition, Too, Is Something We Create
4. Destiny---My Path in Life: I
An Immovable Fact
A Great Love
5. Embraced by Mozart---My Path in Life: II
The Soul of Art
Einstein, the Man
What Is Missing from the Environment Will Not Develop on Its Own
The Amazing Workings of the Life Force
2. Ko and Us
Wonderful Positive Evidence
For Young Ko
A Change in Direction
My Encounter with Tolstoy
My Father's Smile
Up at Five
Creating New Ability
6. If You Think So, Then Act Accordingly
What Is the Use of Merely Knowing?
If You Think So, Then Act Accordingly
The Folly of Lamenting a Lack of Talent
See the Reality for Yourself
Repeat, and Repeat Again
Neither Make Haste, Nor Dawdle
A Blind Child Sees
Loftier and More Beautiful
The Moment Had Arrived
Becoming Grumiaux's Prized Student
3. A Path Toward the Extraordinary
7. Talent Education for Violin Playing
Memory Training
Putting Fun-Seeking Minds to Good Use
Calling Out to Children's Vital Forces
8. Having Come This Way, and Now
A Magnificent Home Concert
Casals Wept
In the United States
Epilogue: My Dream
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