Note Speller, Book 2 (Revised)
By John W. Schaum
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ISBN 10: 0769235891
ISBN 13: 9780769235899
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Series: Schaum Method Supplement
Category: Piano - Schaum Method Supplement
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
The Schaum Note Speller has the unqualified testimonial of thousands of teachers who pronounce it 'The Best.' Musical facts, beginning with line and space numbers are taught. Students learn by doing, since this book is in workbook form. This saves valuable lesson time, and immediately shows any mistakes in the beginner's thinking.
Lesson 1: Tonality Spelling (G Major)
Lesson 2: Tonality Spelling (F Major)
Lesson 3: Tonality Spelling (D Major)
Lesson 4: Tonality Spelling (B-flat Major)
Lesson 5: Tonality Spelling (A Major)
Lesson 6: Tonality Spelling (E-flat Major)
Lesson 7: Accidentals (Key of C Major)
Lesson 8: Accidentals (Other Keys)
Lesson 9: Ties and Slurs
Lesson 10: Inner Leger Lines
Lesson 11: Inner Leger Lines (continued)
Lesson 12: Outer Leger Lines
Lesson 13: Outer Leger Lines (continued)
Lesson 14: Identifying Intervals
Lesson 15: Writing Intervals
Lesson 16: The Use of Dots
Lesson 17: The Dot After a Note
Lesson 18: The Dot After a Rest
Lesson 19: The Double Dot
Lesson 20: Identifying Triplets
Lesson 21: Further Triplet Study
Lesson 22: Double Sharps and Flats
Lesson 23: Review of Time Signatures
Lesson 24: Correcting Counting Errors
Lesson 25: Identifying Time Signatures
Lesson 26: Measure Completion (Notes)
Lesson 27: Measure Completion (Rests)
Lesson 28: Inserting Time Signatures
Lesson 29: Placing Measure Bars