Note Speller, Book 1 (Revised)
By John W. Schaum
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Series: Schaum Method Supplement
Category: Piano - Schaum Method Supplement
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
The Schaum Note Speller has the unqualified testimonial of thousands of teachers who pronounce it 'The Best.' Musical facts, beginning with line and space numbers are taught. Students learn by doing, since this book is in workbook form. This saves valuable lesson time, and immediately shows any mistakes in the beginner's thinking.
Lines and Spaces
Number Names of Lines and Spaces
Note Writing from Number Names
Treble Clef Lines
Treble Clef Spaces
Treble Note Writing
Treble Clef Spelling
Bass Clef Lines
Bass Clef Spaces
Bass Note Writing
Bass Clef Spelling
How to Read Sharps, Flats and Naturals
Sharps, Flats and Naturals in the Bass Clef
How to Keep the Slogans Straight
Using Both Clefs
Further Drill on Both Clefs
Sharps, Flats and Naturals in Both Clefs
How Stems Are Placed on Notes
Learning the Time Value Names
Identifying the Time Value Names
How Rests Are Named
Correlating Note and Rest Names
Putting in Measure Bar Lines
Inner Leger Line (Below Treble and Above Bass)
Inner Leger Line Spelling
Outer Leger Lines (Above Treble and Below Bass)
Outer Leger Line Spelling
Half-Steps and Whole Steps (White Keys)
Half-Steps and Whole Steps (With Accidentals)
Enharmonic Note Writing