Myklas Contest Winners, Book 2
13 Original Piano Solos from the Myklas Music Press Library
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ISBN 10: 0739079476
ISBN 13: 9780739079478
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Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Elementary / Early Intermediate
Myklas Music Press was highly regarded for its extensive catalogue of quality elementary and intermediate supplemental piano music. The pieces that are included in Myklas Contest Winners represent Myklas's most popular and effective solos drawn from festival and contest lists. Divided into four graded collections, outstanding and time-tested solos are made available again by Rhonda Bennett, Ronald Bennett, Rosemary Barrett Byers, Lynne Cox, Anne Shannon Demarest, Mary Hauber, Ernest Kramer, Joyce Schatz Pease, Ruth Perdew, John Robert Poe, Catherine Rollin, Mike Springer, Robert D. Vandall, and Judy East Wells. Book 2 includes pieces appropriate for late elementary to early intermediate students. Reading range is expanded above and below the grand staff, and mobility around the keyboard is required. Other challenges include simple applications of the damper pedal and easy eighth-note passages. Titles: Appaloosa * Autumn Mystique * Cyberdance * Dance of the Fortune Cookie * Desertayres * Deserted Castle * Dorian Tarantella * Fanfare Hoedown * Great Pyramid * Holiday Parade * Inspector Snoops * Locrian Toccatina * Magic Castle.
Appaloosa Anne Shannon Demarest
Autumn Mystique Ruth Perdew
Cyberdance Ronald Bennett
Dance of the Fortune Cookie Anne Shannon Demarest
Desertayres Anne Shannon Demarest
Deserted Castle John Robert Poe
Dorian Tarantella Robert D. Vandall
Fanfare Hoedown Robert D. Vandall
Great Pyramid Mike Springer
Holiday Parade Rhonda Bennett
Inspector Snoops Judy East Wells
Locrian Toccatina Robert D. Vandall
Magic Castle Mike Springer