Music Publishing: The Complete Guide
By Steve Winogradsky
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Written by an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the music industry, Music Publishing: The Complete Guide is the definitive manual on music copyright. Whereas many books on the subject are aimed at artists and songwriters, this book will serve as a thorough guide for industry pros, lawyers, and music business and law students.

Subjects covered include copyright; performing rights organizations; mechanical, synchronization, and print licensing; songwriter and composer agreements; publishing administration and foreign sub-publishing; production music libraries; pitching and placement companies; sampling; and much more. The discussion also delves into historical perspective and current trends and revenue opportunities in the evolving digital marketplace. Easy-to-read narratives explain the key points for all of these types of deals.

There are many sample agreements included in the book, all annotated in simple terms that explain the often complex contract language. There are also links to copyright and publishing resources, listings of foreign performance and mechanical societies, and anecdotes and case studies from real world incidents. If you're looking for a thorough grounding and go-to reference book on music copyright, not just a quick crash course, your search is over.

"Steve's Music Publishing text is fantastic. It is personal, practical, and even includes excellent real world case studies. Furthermore, the helpful agreement annotations and comments are a most excellent resource for breaking down agreement language and terms for the reader. His knowledge, experience, and sense of humor make this the best music publishing text I've read. I will be using Steve's book as the official text for our Music Publishing course at The University of Colorado Denver's Music Industry Program. All those interested in learning more about music publishing or having a sharp reference text should get this book!" -- Benom Plumb (Assistant Professor, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies, University of Colorado Denver)
Licensing for Television
Non-Exclusive Library Placement Agreement
Chapter 6: Songwriter Agreements
Copyright Owners vs. Consumers
Library Composer Agreements
Re-titling Agreements
Library Licensing Agreements
Additional Information for a Publisher to Consider
Case Study #2
The Quotation Process
Motion Picture Licensing
Legal Online Music Download Services
Motion Picture Synchronization and Performing Rights License--Film Festivals (with Step Deals for Further Rights) Publisher's Version
Case Study #1
The Placement Agreement
The Compulsory License
Foreign Sub-Publishing Agreements
The Harry Fox Agency License
Mechanical License (I)
Mechanical License (II) Royalties Reduced Due to Controlled Compositions Clause
Chapter 4: Synchronization Licensing for Audio-Visual Productions
Long Form Composer Loanout Agreement
Chapter 9: Pitching and Placement Agreements
What Does a Placement Company Do?
Television Synchronization and Performance License (with Options)
Chapter 5: Print Licensing
Sheet Music License (with Folio Rights)
Text and Magazine Print License (One-Time Fee)
Conflicts Within the Music Industry
Artists vs. Record Companies
Record Companies vs. Publishers
Chapter 1: Copyright Basics
Why Would a Songwriter Enter into These Agreements?
Assignment of Rights
Term of Services
Exercising the Options
Copyright Owners vs. Digital Services
Other Sources of Digital Revenue
Ringtones, Mastertones, and Ringbacks
The History of Copyright
Copyright Ownership
Online Video Services
Exclusivity of Services
Minimum Delivery Commitment
Extension of Contract Periods
Royalties to the Writer
Audio Greeting Cards
Micro Licensing
Digital Rights Agreements
Chapter 13: Digital Media--Part 2
Copyright in the United States
The Copyright Act
Term of Copyright
Termination and Recapturing of Copyright
Copyright Infringement
Split Sheets
Performing Rights License Rates
Damages for Infringement
Exceptions to the Exclusive Rights of Copyright Owners
Benefits of Registration
Basic Registration Process
Case Study #1
Songwriting and Band Politics
Recent Negotiated Settlements and Digital Rates Under Section 115
The 2012 Settlement
Are You In or Out?
The Future of Digital Delivery
Storage vs. Access
Copyright Law Basics for Public Performance
Historical Perspective
How to Join a PRO
Foreign Sub-Publishing Fees
Retention of Rights
Reversion of Unexploited Compositions
Warranty of Originality
Case Study #4
Chapter 12: Digital Media--Part 1
Case Study #5
Music Cue Sheet
Motion Picture Synchronization and Performing Rights License--Producer's Version
Digital Delivery: Streaming and Downloading
A Brief History of Digital Delivery
The Illegal Downloading of Music
Copyright Law Basics for Sync Licensing
Identifying the Owners
Issues with Multiple Publishers
Using Most Favored Nations Clauses
Benefits to the Artist
Potential Pitfalls for the Company
Exclusive Representation Agreement
Calculating Rates under the 2008 Settlement
Chapter 2: Public Performing Rights Organizations: Inside the PROs--What They Do and How They Do It
Case Study #1
Survival Strategies
Key License Terms
Chapter 10: Production Music Libraries
Case Study #3
Case Study #1
Registering Songs
Monitoring the Uses of Music
Case Study #2
Case Study #3
Royalty Rates for the Use of Musical Works in Services Providing Interactive Streaming and Limited Downloads
Summary Sheet of 2012 Section 115 CRB Settlement
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
Appendix A: Excerpts of the Copyright Act of 1976
Approvals Over Exploitation
Ownership Splits--New Composition
Songwriter's Contract--Individual Composition
Assignment of Copyrights
Letter of Direction
Songwriter/Co-Publishing Agreement
Letter of Direction to ASCAP
Source Licensing or Direct Licensing
Non-Broadcast Uses
Electronic Detection Methods
Appendix C: List of Foreign Performing and Mechanical Rights Societies
Performing Rights and the Internet
Letter of Direction to BMI
About the Author
Foreign Performance Royalties
Chapter 3: Mechanical Licensing for Audio-Only Product
A Brief History of Phonorecords
Work for Hire Clauses
Delivery Commitment/Extension Clause
Chapter 7: Publishing Administration
Administration Agreements
Negotiated Licenses
Case Study #1
Digital Phonorecord Delivery (DPDs)
How Foreign Royalty Streams Are Paid and Distributed
Music Created for Television and Film
"Black Box" Income
Publishing Administration Agreement
Basic Terms
Warranties and Indemnification
Common Misconceptions in Composer Agreements
Short Form Composer Agreement
The Harry Fox Agency
How HFA Works
Other Services and Licenses
Representation and Administration Agreement
Music Library Blanket License Agreement
Chapter 11: Sampling
Licensing Terms for Television Programs
Licensing for Home Video
Licensing for Commercials
Case Study #2
Case Study #3
Sampling Co-Administration Agreement
Writer Approvals for Commercials
Collecting Public Performance Royalties
Common Music Licensing Problems
Controlled Composition Clause
Composer Licensing Agreement
Blanket vs. Per Program Licenses
Publishing Agreement
Appendix B: Internet Copyright and Publishing Resources
The Controlled Composition Clause
Chapter 8: Composer Agreements