Movin' Uptown
By Benny Carter
Item: 00-30565
UPC: 038081331997
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Series: Essentially Ellington: Jazz at Lincoln Center Library
Category: Jazz Ensemble
Format: Conductor Score & Parts
Instrument: Jazz Ensemble
Level: 5 (Advanced / Difficult)
Although Movin' Uptown has some technical difficulties (range and tempo), it shouldn't present too much of a musical challenge for your students. The style and content are very similar to a number of Sammy Nest pieces that high school and college bands regularly perform. Since this is an up-tempo flag-waver, Benny Carter chose to use a 64-bar AABA song form instead of the usual 32, which keeps each chorus at a length of one minute. Each A section consists of and a and a b, and the B section also are split in 2 8-bar sections.
Movin' Uptown (from "Echoes of San Juan Hill Suite") Benny Carter (composer)