Monster Guitar Method, Volume 2
Play Like a Monster
Item: 41-ARD27257
UPC: 038081353814
ISBN 10: 0739059653
ISBN 13: 9780739059654
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Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD & CD
Instrument: Guitar
Monster Guitar Method Volume Two teaches you how to transpose all the scales taught in volume one into different keys. You'll be able to figure out what chords go with any given key (chord harmony), how to match major and minor scales in the same key (relative minor), and borrowing notes or chords from different keys (parallel). This volume expands on the rhythmic notation taught in the last installment, and shows you how to use it for funk riffs and other styles. Techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and harmonics are also covered. Included are an instructional booklet and jam-along CD.