Michael Aaron Piano Course: Lessons, Grade 4
By Michael Aaron
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Series: Michael Aaron Piano Course
Category: Piano - Aaron Method
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
The Michael Aaron Piano Course Lesson books have been completely re-engraved, expanded (adding more definitions of musical terms and more musical pieces), updated (with modernized artwork), and re-edited (with less emphasis on fingerings and more on note-reading).
The Turn
"Colonial Days" Aaron
Sonata Allegro Form
"Sonatina" Clementi
"In a Gypsy Camp" Aaron
"Raindrops" (Repeated Notes) Aaron
Diminished-Seventh Chord
Diminished-Seventh Arpeggio
"Music Box" (Contraction of Hand) Aaron
Merrie Olde Englande Aaron
Octave Study Aaron
"Andante" Tchaikowsky
"Elfin Dance" (Arpeggio Study for Right Hand) Aaron
Arpeggio Study (For Left Hand) Aaron
"Lullaby of the Brook" (Etude) Aaron
"Sleepy Hollow Legend" (Study in 3rds) Aaron
"Magic Flute" (Etude) Aaron
"Spring Impromptu" Aaron
"Prelude" (Chord Playing) Chopin
"Nocturne" Field
"Pizzicato Polka" Strauss
"Sonata in A" Mozart
"Perpetual Motion" Aaron
"Minuet" Beethoven
"Prelude" Bach
"Spanish Dance" Moszkowski
"Moonlight Sonata" Beethoven
"Solfeggietto" Bach
"Waltz in B Minor" Chopin
"The Butterfly" Merkel
Dominant-Seventh Chords
Dominant-Seventh Arpeggios
Dictionary of Musical Terms