Michael Aaron Piano Course: Lessons, Grade 2
By Michael Aaron
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ISBN 10: 0898988594
ISBN 13: 9780898988598
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Series: Michael Aaron Piano Course
Category: Piano - Aaron Method
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
The Michael Aaron Piano Course Lesson books have been completely re-engraved, expanded (adding more definitions of musical terms and more musical pieces), updated (with modernized artwork), and re-edited (with less emphasis on fingerings and more on note-reading).
Thru Central Park (broken chords)
Note Reading Tests (leger lines and spaces)
Five Finger Study
Surf Riders
Inversion of Triads
Song Without Words
Note Reading Tests
Five Finger Study
Show-Boat Ride (syncopation)
Extension Study
Study in Sixteenths
Appoggiatura or Grace Note
In a Goldfish Bowl
Extension Study Hanon
The Damper Pedal
The Dominant-Seventh Chord
Merrily We Roll Along
Forearm Staccato
At the Band Rehearsal
Swanee River Foster
Sunrise (broken chords)
Unfinished Symphony Schubert
Crossing the Thumb
Chromatic Scale
The Mosquito (thumb crossings for right hand)
Cradle Song (thumb crossings for left hand)
Note Reading Tests (all positions)
On Parade (rhythm)
The Breakers
Broken Chords
Note Reading Tests (four positions)
Chorale (chord playing)
Study in Triplets
Kittens at Play (triplets)
Minor Scale
Movie Thriller (sixteenth note groups)
Alphonse et Gaston (cross hand)
Major and Minor 3rds
The Canary (trill study)
Study in Wrist Staccato
Major and Minor Sixths
Waltz (phrasing) Brahms
Scale in Sixteenths
Fireflies (study in style)
Major and Minor Triads
The Old Tar
On Wings of Song Mendelssohn
Minuet Bach
Jig (development of rhythm)
Turkish March Beethoven
The Whistler
Prelude (chord playing)
Broken Chords
In the Toy Shop
Major Scales and Major Triads
Dictionary of Musical Terms
Certificate of Achievement