Michael Aaron Piano Course: Lessons, Grade 1
By Michael Aaron
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ISBN 10: 0898988551
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Series: Michael Aaron Piano Course
Category: Piano - Aaron Method
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
The Michael Aaron Piano Course Lesson books have been completely re-engraved, expanded (adding more definitions of musical terms and more musical pieces), updated (with modernized artwork), and re-edited (with less emphasis on fingerings and more on note-reading).
Introduction to Music, Reference and Review
The Scale
Preparation for "First Lesson," Fingering
"First Lesson"
"Up and Down"
"Two New Notes"
"Dancing Notes"
"Up the Scale"
"Down the Scale"
"Ding Dong"
Note Reading Tests
"The Grasshopper"
New Positions for the Left Hand
Hand Position for "Sandman's Lullaby"
Slurs and Ties
"Sandman's Lullaby"
Note Reading Tests
Hands Together
"Our New Horn"
"The Swing"
Trill Study for Right Hand
Trill Study for Left Hand
The Half Step
The Sharp Sign
"Sharpen Up!"
The Flat Sign
"Flatten Out!"
The Natural Sign
"You're a Natural"
The Whole Step
Major Scale Pattern
New Position for "Study in G"
"Study in G"
Note Reading Tests
"The Old Mill Wheel"
"Follow the Leader" (Eighth Notes)
Dynamics Chart
"Hunting Song"
Correct Fingering
"Boatsman Chant"
"The Busy Mill" (Dotted Quarters)
Double Note Study for Right Hand
Double Note Study for Left Hand
"Music Hour"
"Are You Sleeping"
Triads for the Major Scale
The Three Major Triads
"Evening Song"
"Chord Study in C Major"
"The Sunflower"
New Time Signature
"In a Canoe"
Study in Staccato
"Dance of the Wooden Shoes"
Note Reading Tests
Finger Study
"Spring Song"
"Rockin' On"
Chord Study in F Major
"Wake Up!"
"At the Skating Rink"
Chord Study in G Major
"Fun in the Sun"
"The Birdling's Serenade"
"Evening Chimes"
Trill Study
"The Choir"
Scale Study
"The Pied Piper"
Scale Study
"The Singing Brook"
"Ghosts at Midnight"
"Drummer Boy"
"Chopstick Revels"
"Jingle Bells"
The Major Scales and Chords
The Minor Scales and Chords
Dictionary of Musical Terms
Certificate of Achievement