Masterpieces with Flair!, Book 2
Standard Late Intermediate Literature for Spirited Performance
Ed. Jane Magrath
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ISBN 10: 0739004409
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Series: Masterpieces with Flair!
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Intermediate
Energetic and lively pieces to appeal to students who like fast and sparkling music. The selections are from such masters as C.P.E. Bach, Schubert, Schumann, and Kabalevsky. All pieces are in their original form. Late intermediate.
Allegro Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (composer)
Allegro Robusto [Sz. 42/I/21] Béla Bartók (composer)
Bagatelle [Op. 5, No. 1] Alexander Tchérépnin (composer)
Con Moto [Op. 107, No. 6] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Dance [Sz. 42/I/37] Béla Bartók (composer)
Etude in C-Sharp Minor [Op. 100, No. 10] Alexander Dorn (composer)
Fluttering Leaves in A Minor [Op. 147, No. 2] Carl Kölling (composer)
Fluttering Leaves in C Major [Op. 147, No. 1] Carl Kölling (composer)
German Dance in C Major [Op. 33, No. 9] Franz Schubert (composer)
Knight Rupert [Op. 68, No. 12] Robert Schumann (composer)
Little Flower [Op. 205, No. 7] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
March [Op. 39, No. 1] Hugo Reinhold (contributor)
Miniature [Op. 62, No. 9] Theodor Kirchner (composer)
Minuet Gottfried Heinrich Stülzel (contributor)
Norse Song [Op. 68, No. 41] Robert Schumann (composer)
Puck [Op. 71, No. 3] Edvard Grieg (composer)
Russian Dance [Op. 39, No. 24] Hugo Reinhold (contributor)
Sailor's Song [Op. 68, No. 1] Edvard Grieg (composer)
Solfeggieto Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (composer)
Sonatina in A Minor [Op. 27, No. 18] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Sonatina in C Major [Op. 55, No. 3] Friedrich Kuhlau (composer)
Sonatina in G Major [Op. 12, No. 6] James Hook (composer)
Sonatina No. 17 in D Major Georg Anton Benda (composer)
Sonatina No. 34 in D Major Georg Anton Benda (composer)
Song Without Words ("Tarantella") [Op. 102, No. 3] Felix Mendelssohn (composer)
The Clown Vladimir Rebikov (composer)
The Gypsies [Op. 138, No. 17/2] Stephen Heller (composer)
Toccata [Op. 60, No. 4] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Trio Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Valse Noble in A Minor [Op. 77, No. 9] Franz Schubert (composer)
Valse Noble in C Major [Op. 77, No. 1] Franz Schubert (composer)