Marketing and Merchandising for Musicians
By Robert Safir
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Successful music marketing today requires a whole new level of expertise. From basic marketing knowledge and industry-specific strategies to technology-driven tactics and tools, there are many critical factors to consider when putting together a marketing plan. Marketing and Merchandising for Musicians rises to the challenge of defining what an effective and competitive music marketing campaign is by addressing the changing landscape of music marketing. Traditionally, record companies were responsible for these tasks, but as advances in technology have allowed musicians to create professional-quality recordings in their own homes, the label's role in many parts of the process has diminished. The end result: a more do-it-yourself approach to marketing, promotion, and merchandising in music. This book will not only provide students with a fundamental knowledge of these topics, it tackles these topics in the context of a musician's career and offers a variety of real-world applications. Written in a reader-friendly and accessible style, this is a solid resource for anyone seeking in-depth knowledge of music marketing today.