Mallet Percussion Workout
A Methods Companion for All: Beginners Through Professionals
By Kristen Shiner McGuire
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ISBN 10: 0578126532
ISBN 13: 9780578126531
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Category: Percussion - Mallet Instrument Method
Format: Book
Instrument: Mallet Instrument
Level: Early Intermediate
Who needs Mallet Percussion Workout? Anyone from beginner to professional, who wants to play mallet instruments with ease, dexterity, and accuracy. This book fills a gap in mallet method books---learning sequences to build confidence and ability in sight-reading; developing smooth, even rolls; becoming more ambidextrous; and getting chops together all over the instrument. There's even a section for classical players that will help with jazz improvisation down the road. Kristen Shiner McGuire has created for mallet players what Stick Control is for drummers---an essential companion workout you won't want to miss to be your best.
How to Use This Book
CHAPTER I: Mechanics
Instrument Height
Stance and Body Movement
Mallet Positioning
Even Single-Stroke Rolls
Relaxed Full Stroke
Figuring Out and Assigning Good Sticking
Identifying Patterns
Applying Sticking Guidelines
CHAPTER III: Basic Technical Exercises
Connected (scalar)
Turn Arounds
CHAPTER IV: Focus Exercises
CHAPTER V: Developing Sight-Reading Skills
CHAPTER VI: Roll Exercises
CHAPTER VII: More Advanced Technical Exercises
Toward a Flexible Vocabulary
Adapting Scale Patterns
Connecting Arpeggios
Sequencing with Dominant 7ths
The ii7-V7-I maj7 Progression
Advanced Roll Exercises
Other Patterns
CHAPTER VIII: Practice Guidelines
APPENDIX: Reference Charts
Circle of Fifths
Two Octave Scale Shapes
Key Sequences
Focus Sheet