Keyboard Poster
Item: 87-31335
UPC: 038081334493
ISBN 10: 0739055135
ISBN 13: 9780739055137
PRICE: No Longer Available
Category: Keyboard/Piano Poster
Format: Poster
Instrument: Keyboard/Piano
Castalia Communications' posters have been putting answers up on the walls for generations of musicians. The Keyboard poster is a beautiful work of educational art which makes visualizing and applying the principles of harmony as easy as do-re-mi. The easy-to-use music theory on the poster applies to piano, organ, synthesizers, and all other keyboard instruments.

Poster includes: Four Octave Life-Size Keyboard * Bass & Treble Key Signatures * Table of Keys * Chord & Scale Table * Twelve Major Scales * Bass & Treble Circles of Fifths * and more!