Johnnie, the Piper King
Arr. Bonnie Rideout and Bob Phillips
Item: 00-23373S
UPC: 038081239927
PRICE: $7.00
Series: Highland/Etling String Alternatives
Category: String Orchestra
Format: Conductor Score
Instrument: String Orchestra
Level: 3
Scottish burls and ornaments adorn this bouncy medley, making it sound more advanced than it is. Perfectly translated from the ancient fiddling tradition to modern string orchestra, Johnnie, the Piper King maintains authenticity while expanding on the musical ideas of three ancient tunes. The first tune, "The Piper King," by J. Scott Skinner, is a pipe march. That is followed by a strathspey, "Jumpin' Johnnie," and a reel titled, "Jinglin' Johnnie," hence the title Johnnie, the Piper King. Based on the authentic playing of recording artist and U.S. Scottish Fiddling Champion Bonnie Rideout, this piece is a sure winner!