John W. Schaum Piano Course, C: The Purple Book
Leading to Mastery of the Instrument
By John W. Schaum
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ISBN 10: 0769236073
ISBN 13: 9780769236070
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Series: John W. Schaum Piano Course
Category: Piano - Schaum Method
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Grade 2
A time-honored tradition just got better! The John W. Schaum Piano Course has been newly revised with 100 percent new engravings and typesetting, color highlighting for concept emphasis, updated song titles and lyrics, and full-color illustrations.
Sight Reading Drills (Leger Lines)
Radio and the Classics -- Come On, Rangers Rossini
The American Folk Song -- Camptown Races Stephen Foster
March Tempo -- Puppets on Parade Oesten
Left Hand Technic -- Swimming Under Water
Mood in Music -- A.M. and P.M. Grieg and Chopin
The Folk Dance -- Mazurka Saint-Saëns
Harmonious Blacksmith Theme -- Handel Bars Handel
The Three B's -- Bach, Beethoven and Brahms
Arpeggio Triplet Study -- Throwing Paper Airplanes
Contrast in Touches -- Air Mail Mendelssohn
Tonal Expression -- It Was in the Good Old Summertime Spindler
Left Hand Wrist Staccato -- Robert the Robot Oesten
Song of the West -- Git Along, Little Dogies
Nationalism in Music -- From Pole to Pole (Chopin to Paderewski)
Grace Notes (Struck Together) -- Chinese Serenade Fliege
Grace Notes (Struck Separately) -- Sun Dial Waltz Chopin
Schaum Piano Quiz No. 1
Key of A-flat Major -- The Pelican
Mexican Folk Song -- Estrellita Ponce
Left Hand Melodic Study -- Shadows on the Moon Schumann
Explanation of Opus -- Star of Midnight Dvorák
Beethoven's Pupils -- Gertrude and Elizabeth
Two-Two Time Alla Breve -- Working at the Tool Bench
Cross Hand Accompaniment -- Just a Song at Twilight Molloy
Importance of Slow Practice -- Wild Goose Chase
The Trill -- The Cold Shower Grieg
A Musical Form -- Lilac Time Serenade Schubert
The Turn -- One Good Turn Deserves Another
A Latin American Dance -- Mexican Hat Dance
Recital Piece -- Dangerous Journey Koelling
Tchaikowsky's Friend -- To a Charming Senorita
Excerpt from a Mozart Sonata -- Wishing Well
Broken Chord Study -- Hawaiian Love Song Truax
Schaum Piano Quiz No. 2
Certificate of Promotion
Schaum Music Dictionary