Jazz, Rags & Blues, CD for Books 1-3
By Martha Mier / perf. Kim O'Reilly
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Series: Jazz, Rags & Blues
Category: Piano Collection
Format: CD
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Elementary / Late Intermediate
Listen to the music from all 3 books of Martha Mier's best-selling series. These pieces reflect various styles of the jazz idiom and are a great way to introduce students to this distinctive American contribution to 20th-century music.

Kim O'Reilly Newman holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Illinois. She has performed throughout North America and Europe with the Hambro Quartet of Pianos and was an editor and recording pianist for Alfred Music. Kim is a brain tumor survivor and now specializes in performing music for the left hand.
A Neat Beat
Beach Buggy Boogie
Clarinet Blues
Dandelion Rag
Don't Wanna Leave You Blues
Downright Happy Rag
Fickle Fourths
Jelly Bean Rag
Just Struttin' Along
Lazy Days
Low C Boogie
Misty Night Blues
Ol' Rockin' Chair Blues
Persistent Rhythm
Pine Cone Rag
Ragtime Do-Si-Do
Railroad Street Blues
Red Rose Rendezvous
Seventh Street Blues
Slippin' Around
Sneaky Business
Surfboard Boogie
Taking It Easy
Waterfront Jazz
What a Glorious Day!
Wild Honeysuckle Rag
Worrisome Blues
A Neat Beat Martha Mier (composer)
Don't Wanna' Leave You Blues Martha Mier (composer)
Downright Happy Rag Martha Mier (composer)
Hallelujah! Martha Mier (composer)
Just Struttin' Along Martha Mier (composer)
Ol' Rockin' Chair Blues Martha Mier (composer)
Ragtime Do-Si-Do Martha Mier (composer)
Seventh Street Blues Martha Mier (composer)
Sneaky Business Martha Mier (composer)
Surfboard Boogie Martha Mier (composer)
Beach Buggy Boogie Martha Mier (composer)
Clarinet Blues Martha Mier (composer)
Jelly Bean Rag Martha Mier (composer)
Lazy Days Martha Mier (composer)
Misty Night Blues Martha Mier (composer)
Red Rose Rendezvous Martha Mier (composer)
Slippin' Around Martha Mier (composer)
Wild Honeysuckle Rag Martha Mier (composer)
Dandelion Rag Martha Mier (composer)
Fickle Fourths Martha Mier (composer)
Low C Boogie Martha Mier (composer)
Persistent Rhythm Martha Mier (composer)
Pine Cone Rag Martha Mier (composer)
Railroad Street Blues Martha Mier (composer)
Taking It Easy Martha Mier (composer)
Waterfront Jazz Martha Mier (composer)
What a Glorious Day! Martha Mier (composer)
Worrisome Blues Martha Mier (composer)