Jared Meeker's Serious Shred: Essential Concepts
Get Your Fingers to Play What's in Your Head
By Jared Meeker
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ISBN 10: 0739086081
ISBN 13: 9780739086087
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Series: Serious Shred
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Guitar
If you admire guitarists who combine killer technique with exciting musical ideas, the Serious Shred series is for you. Each title features lessons from renowned shredders and educators, and includes licks and examples in both standard notation and TAB---all combined in a book and DVD package for a complete learning experience. Learn what you need to know to become the best player possible, straight from bona fide shred virtuosos.

In this book, accomplished shredder Jared Meeker gives advanced lessons on right-hand technique, phrase construction, rhythms, improvising, and playing patterns. Be prepared to take your technique and soloing chops to higher altitudes and learn new concepts like expanded fingerings, how to use scales and modes in a musical context, fingerstyle playing, strumming, and more. The included DVD features live demonstrations by Meeker.