Improvisation at the Piano
A Systematic Approach for the Classically Trained Pianist
By Brian Chung and Dennis Thurmond
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Instrument: Piano
This unique text uses a step-by-step approach to guide the reader from fundamental concepts to advanced topics in improvisation. Each subject is broken into easy to understand segments, gradually becoming more complex as improvisational tools are acquired. Designed for the classically trained pianist with little or no experience in improvisation, it uses the reader’s previous knowledge of basic theory and technique to help accelerate the learning process. Included are more than 450 music examples and illustrations to reinforce the concepts discussed. These concepts are useful in all improvisational settings and can be applied to any musical style. For pianists interested in jazz, there are three chapters dedicated to introducing jazz improvisation, which can be used as the basis for further study in this idiom. Teachers using this text can go online to www.improvisationatthepiano.com to download lesson plans, ask specific questions about improvisation, and view answers to the most frequently asked questions about this book. 232 pages.
SECTION 1: Foundations
Chapter 1 Living in the Language
Chapter 2 Upper & Lower Neighbors
Chapter 3 Elaboration
Chapter 4 Speaking to One Another
Chapter 5 Spreading Your Wings
SECTION 2: Essential Tools
Chapter 6 Scales 101
Chapter 7 Scales 102
Chapter 8 Which Scale to Choose?
Chapter 9 Melodic Manipulation, Part 1: Upside Down & Inside Out
Chapter 10 Melodic Manipulation, Part 2: Skipping
Chapter 11 Melodic Manipulation, Part 3: Upper & Lower Neighbors
Chapter 12 Melodic Manipulation, Part 4: Jumping
Chapter 13 Repetition as a Creative Tool
Chapter 14 Borrowing Inspiration
Chapter 15 Putting the Tools to Work
SECTION 3: Advanced Tools
Chapter 16 When One Scale Won't Work, Part 1: Transitional Thinking
Chapter 17 Scales à la Mode
Chapter 18 When One Scale Won’t Work, Part 2: Navigating by Chord Pairs
Chapter 19 Additional Tools
Chapter 20 Putting It All Together
Chapter 21 Does a Wrong Note Exist?
Chapter 22 Harmonic Improvisation and Borrowing
SECTION 4: Other Styles of Improvisation
Chapter 23 Jazz Improvisation, Part 1: Rhythm
Chapter 24 Jazz Improvisation, Part 2: Harmony
Chapter 25 Jazz Improvisation, Part 3: Forms
Chapter 26 Improvisation through the Ages
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