Guitar Chord Resource
A Complete Approach to Using Chords
By Buck Brown, Robert Brown, Dan Donnelly, and David Sinclair
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Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & MP3 CD
Instrument: Guitar
Designed for beginning as well as advanced guitarists, Guitar Chord Resource is your one-stop source for exploring guitar chords. Find nearly every chord under the sun, then learn how to apply, interpret, strum, fingerpick, and transpose them. Included are ideas for embellishing and ornamenting open chords, plus tips for mastering and connecting chords, inversions, and string sets across the entire fretboard. Additionally, learn to read and interpret lead sheets (song charts) using flex, or shell, voicings. This is just the tip of the iceberg because you will be referring to and learning from this book for years to come. An MP3 CD is included to demonstrate the examples in the book.
Fingerpicking Patterns
Introduction to Alternate Tunings
G-sharp dim/G-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord
7th Chord Inversions
D Major Family Chord Embellishments
Review the Basics
Standard Music Notation
Using a Capo
Reasons to Transpose
Capos in Action
How to Use a Capo to Play in Difficult Keys
Major Chord Scales
Chord Progressions
Minor Chord Scales
Fingerpicks and Strums
Passing Tones and Chords
Pivot Finger Chord Combinations
Endings and Cadences
Pedal Tone Diatonic Chord Scales
D-A-D-G-A-D Tuning
Introduction to Part Two
How to Read Chord Diagrams
C Ideas---The I Chord
D min Ideas---The ii Chord
E min Ideas---The iii Chord
F Ideas---The IV Chord
C Major Family Chord Embellishments
The Hope Song (Etude for Open C Tuning)
Chord Diagrams
The CAGED Formula
G Ideas---The I Chord
Four-Note String Set #4
F-sharp min Ideas---The ii Chord
D-sharp dim/D-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord
Strumming Patterns
Four-Note Chords
7th-Chord Scales
Chord Progressions
Open D Tuning---D-A-D-F-sharp-A-D
Blues for Ry
Open G Tuning---D-G-D-G-B-D
Open C Tuning---C-G-C-G-C-E
A min Ideas---The ii Chord
B min Ideas---iii Chord
C Ideas---The IV Chord
Four-Note String Set #5
Other Chords You Should Know
Chords of the Harmonic Minor Scale
D Ideas---The V Chord
Chords of the Melodic Minor Scale
A Ideas---The V Chord
About the Authors
B min Ideas---The vi Chord
C-sharp dim/C-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord
Common Chord Progressions
Common "Ear Twisters"
6ths and 10ths
B min Ideas---The ii Chord
C sharp min Ideas---The iii Chord
D Ideas---The IV Chord
E Ideas---The V Chord
F-sharp min Ideas---The vi Chord
Triads in Spread Voicing
Complex Chords
Chord Symbol Notation
Common Chord Progressions
Common "Ear Twisters"
Etude for the A Family
G Major Family Chord Embellishments
The Five Four-Note String Sets
Four-Note String Set #1
Four-Note String Set #2
Four-Note String Set #3
An Etude for the C Family
By the Sea
A Major Family Chord Embellishments
A Ideas---The I Chord
Diatonic Triads
Triad String Set #2
Triad String Set #3
Triad String Set #4
G Ideas---The V Chord
Open Position Chord Forms
E min Ideas---The vi Chord
F-sharp dim/F-sharp min7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord
Common Chord Progressions
Quartal Harmony
Chords With More Than One Name
Common "Ear Twisters"
Little Etude in E Minor
Etude for the G Family
E Major Family Chord Embellishments
E Ideas---The I Chord
Common "Ear Twisters"
Triad Chord Connections
G-sharp min Ideas---The iii Chord
A Ideas---The IV Chord
B Ideas---The V Chord
C-sharp min Ideas---The vi Chord
A Common Chord Progression
Eternal Highway (Strumming Etude for the E Family)
More Common Progressions
Common "Ear Twisters"
D Ideas---The I Chord
E min Ideas---The ii Chord
F-sharp min Ideas---The iii Chord
G Ideas---The IV Chord
Introduction to Part One
D'Nice (Etude for the D Family)
Roman Numerals
The Major Scale
Introducing Triads
Different Types of Capos
Waterfall (Etude for Partial Capo)
Odds and Ends
Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
Four-Note Chord Preview
Etude for Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
Barre Chord Forms
Basic Theory
Triad String Set #1
The Chord Connection
A min Ideas---The vi Chord
B dim/Bmin7-flat 5 Ideas---The vii-diminished Chord
Common Chord Progressions