Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Jazz Saxophone Duets
Featuring Gordon Goodwin and Eric Marienthal
By Gordon Goodwin with Eric Marienthal
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ISBN 10: 0739061127
ISBN 13: 9780739061121
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Series: Jazz Duet Series
Category: Woodwind - Saxophone Duet
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Saxophone
Instrumentation: Saxophone Duet
Level: 4
Attention saxophone players -- do you need a challenging duet book?

Composed and arranged by Gordon Goodwin at the medium-advanced to advanced level, these 10 saxophone duets are completely interchangeable for any combination of E-flat or B-flat saxophones. You can play with a duet partner or use the CD and play duets with great saxophonists Gordon Goodwin (tenor sax) or Eric Marienthal (alto sax). On the included CD, Duet Part 1 and Duet Part 2 are each controlled by dialing in/out the left or right channels on your stereo system.

Includes 10 exciting Gordon Goodwin tunes: Act Your Age * Count Bubba's Revenge * El Macho Muchacho * Gumbo Street * Hunting Wabbits * The Jazz Police * La Pequeña Almeja * Maynard & Waynard * Swingin' for the Fences * There's the Rub


* Improve your jazz concept, articulation, time, intonation and sight-reading
* Duets are playable with any combination of E-flat or B-flat saxophones (requires two books)
* Gordon Goodwin plays the tenor sax on Duet Part 1 and Part 2
* Eric Marienthal plays the alto sax on Duet Part 1 and Part 2
* Gordon and Eric play together on Duet Part 1 and Part 2
* Play with a duet partner or with the CD by dialing in/out the left or right stereo channel
* Opportunities to improvise too!
The Jazz Police Gordon Goodwin (contributor)
Count Bubba's Revenge Gordon Goodwin (composer)
Hunting Wabbits Gordon Goodwin (composer)
Act Your Age Gordon Goodwin (composer)
El Macho Muchacho Gordon Goodwin (composer)
Gumbo Street Gordon Goodwin (composer)
La Pequena Almeja Gordon Goodwin (composer)
Maynard & Waynard Gordon Goodwin (composer)
Swingin' for the Fences Gordon Goodwin (composer)
There's the Rub Gordon Goodwin (composer)