Gather 'Round and Sing
6 Rounds for 2-Part and 3-Part Children's Choirs
Words and music by Ruth Elaine Schram, orch. Tim Hayden
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ISBN 10: 0739050354
ISBN 13: 9780739050354
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Category: Christian Elementary Collection
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Choir
Version: CD Kit (Songbook & Acc./Performance CD)
There is no easier way to introduce children to harmony and part-singing than "the Round." What an ingenious concept -- everyone sings the same thing, just beginning at different times! The beauty of this structure is the ease of teaching this type of song, and the satisfying results for both the singer and the listener. The six titles in this collection are: I’m Gonna Sing My Praise, I’ll Walk with Jesus, When Will the Little King Come?, Thank You For Christmas, Say I Love You, and New Life.