Fundamental Drumstick Control
A Beginning Approach to Snare Drum Technique
By Jeff Moore
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Category: Percussion - Snare Drum Method
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Snare Drum
Fundamental Drumstick Control presents essential snare drum technique for the drumset player. The book provides the fundamental stroke types and combinations popular and necessary for today's contemporary drummer. Many of the initial rudiments are covered by stroke type with drumset applications (both time keeping and fills/solos) for each section. This book, in combination with the more advanced Drumstick Control, is a complete technical method organized in a realistic, step-by-step process. It focuses on developing stick proficiency through an independent, "hands-separate" approach. The exercises included represent the foundation of strokes without accents, while providing the framework for hand development, endurance, and speed training, as well as ideas for maintaining lifelong chops.
Double Strokes (Drumset Application --- Fills and Solos)
Chapter 3: Triple/Quad Strokes
Triple Stroke (Hands Separate)
Double and Triple Strokes Combinations (Create Hybrid Rudiments)
Quadruple Stroke (Technique Builder)
Triple Strokes (Drumset Application --- Time Functioning)
Triple Strokes (Drumset Application --- Time Fills and Solos)
Triple Stroke --- (Sticking Mixtures)
Single Strokes (Drumset Application --- Fills and Solos)
Chapter 2: Double Strokes
Double Stroke (Hands Separate)
Double Stroke (Independence Approach --- Duple Rhythm)
Fundamental Drumstick Control; Transfer Value
Double Stroke (Triple Rhythm)
Double-Stroke Rolls (Hands-Separate Chop Building)
Double-Stroke Roll (The PAS International Drum Rudiments Roll Chart)
Double-Stroke Roll (Chop Builder Combinations)
Double Strokes Interlock (The Single-Stroke Four)
Dedication and Acknowledgements
The Muscle Groups; Percussion Strokes
Metronome Games; How to Use this Book; Rhythmic Ratios; Important Concepts to Focus On
Chapter 1: Single Strokes
Single Strokes (Drumset Application --- Time Functioning)
Combinations (Drumset Applications)
Chapter 4: Combination Strokes
Single Stroke (Independence Approach)
Single Stroke (Independence Approach --- Duple Rhythm)
Single Stroke (Rhythmic Partials)
Single Stroke (Duple Rhythm Chop Builders)
Triple Stroke (Independence Exercises)
Triple Stroke (Roll Builders, Skeleton Exercises)
Triple Stroke (Sticking Combinations, Duple)
Triple Stroke (Roll Builders, Sextuplets/French Rolls)
Combination Strokes (Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple)
Combination Strokes (Duple to Triple Rhythms)
Combination Strokes (Single-Stroke Roll --- Duple Rhythms)
Combination Strokes (Double-Stroke Roll --- Duple Rhythms)
Combination Strokes (Double Stroke Seven Roll --- Duple Rhythms)
Combination Strokes (Triple Strokes with Roll --- Duple Rhythms)
Combination Strokes (Quadruple Strokes with Roll --- Duple Rhythms)
Double Strokes (Duple- and Triple-Roll Mixtures)
Single Stroke (Independence Approach --- Triple Rhythm)
Single Stroke (Independence Approach --- Triple-Rhythm Chop Builders)
Single Stroke (Duple and Triple Combinations)
Double Stroke (Duple Rhythm)
Double Stroke (Roll Timing)
Single Stroke (Hands Separate)
Combination Strokes (Single-Stroke Seven Roll --- Duple Rhythms)
Triple Stroke (Independence Approach, Duple)
Double Stroke (Rhythmic Partials --- Drags)
Double Strokes (Drumset Application --- Time Functioning)