Fine and Dandy: The Kay Swift Songbook
Kay Swift
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Kay Swift (1897--1993) was the first woman to write the score to a hit Broadway musical, the 1930 show Fine and Dandy. Her three most enduring songs are "Fine and Dandy," "Can This Be Love?" and "Can't We Be Friends?" Although she is known for her close association with George Gershwin, her own musical talent was considerable and her contributions to American music of the twentieth century are significant. Her music, written over seven decades, has an unusually broad range: Broadway scores, ballets, chamber music, art songs, popular songs, commercial jingles, and songs for children. This first-ever Kay Swift songbook allows singers and pianists to explore her music and perform it for new audiences. Titles: Calliope * Can This Be Love? * Can't We Be Friends? * Etiquette * Fine and Dandy * Fine and Dandy (Concert Paraphrase) * I'll Hit a New High * Jig-Hop * Let's Go Eat Worms in the Garden * Nobody Breaks My Heart * Once You Find Your Guy * One Last Look * Rich or Poor * Sagebrush Lullaby * Sawing a Woman in Half * Starting at the Bottom * Up Among the Chimney Pots * Whistling in the Dark.
Calliope Kay Swift (composer)
Rich or Poor Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Once You Find Your Guy Kay Swift (composer)
Fine and Dandy (Concert Paraphrase) Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Can This Be Love Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Up Among the Chimney Pots Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Can't We Be Friends? Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Fine and Dandy Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Nobody Breaks My Heart Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Sagebrush Lullaby Kay Swift (composer)
The Jig-Hop Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Let's Go Eat Worms in the Garden Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Starting at the Bottom Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
I’ll Hit a New High Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Whistling in the Dark Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Etiquette Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
One Last Look Kay Swift (composer); Paul James (lyricist)
Sawing a Woman in Half Kay Swift (composer); Al Stillman (lyricist)