Exploring Piano Classics Technique, Preparatory Level
A Masterwork Method for the Developing Pianist
By Nancy Bachus
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ISBN 10: 0739055526
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Series: Exploring Piano Classics
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Elementary / Late Elementary
The Exploring Piano Classics: A Masterworks Method for Developing Pianists series pairs motivating performance repertoire with thoughtful technical studies. Each level contains a Repertoire book with CD and a Technique book, both with convenient page-by-page correlation. When used together, the books give students a deep understanding of the art of music, performance practices, and the necessary skills to play the piano with technical ease. The Technique books are designed to give students a highly structured program of technical development. They include basic keyboard patterns (five-finger patterns, scales, chords, cadences, and arpeggios in the major and minor keys found in the Repertoire books), exercises and etudes, and other necessary technical drills for mastering each piece in the Repertoire books. Suggestions for efficient practice are also included.
Building Blocks of Piano Technique
Position of the Body at the Piano
Focused Fingertips Balanced on the Keyboard
Coordinated Motions of the Hands and Arms
Basic Keyboard Patterns
Five-Finger Patterns
Major-Minor Exercise in C
Major-Minor Exercise in G
Warm-Up Patterns in C and G
Running in C
Running in G
Triad Twister in C
Triad Twister in G
Arpeggios in C
Arpeggios in G
Legato Touch
Rolling Bartók
Fall and Release
Two-Note Slurs
Fall---Transfer---Pull (Contrary Motion)
Fall---Transfer---Pull (Parallel Motion)
Changing Tone Quality and Volume
Sonatina Bolck
Slurs of Three or More Notes
Duet Köhler
Staccato Touch
Fast Flicks
Bouncing Fingers
Slurs Ending with Staccato
Staccato Ending 16 Imitation (with Slur Touch)
Copy Cat
Rhythmic Accents
Waltz Warm-Up
Warm-Up Patterns in F
Running in F Major
Running in F Minor
Triad Twister in F
Arpeggios in F
More about Slurs
Exercise in F Türk
Warm-Up Patterns in D and A
Running in D Major
Running in D Minor
Running in A Major
Running in A Minor
Triad Twister in D
Triad Twister in A
Arpeggios in D
Arpeggios in A
Extended Sixths
Running Up and Down with Sixths Streabbog
Changing Fingers
Common Left-Hand Pattern
Gavotte Czerny
Consecutive Thirds
Third Twister
Changing Positions
Different Positions
3/4 Time Türk
Balancing Melody and Accompaniment
Melody Köhler
Playing in Cut Time
Hunting Song
Putting Things Together
Country Dance