Exploring Piano Classics Repertoire, Preparatory Level
A Masterwork Method for the Developing Pianist
By Nancy Bachus
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Series: Exploring Piano Classics
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Piano
Level: Elementary / Late Elementary
The Exploring Piano Classics: A Masterworks Method for Developing Pianists series pairs motivating performance repertoire with thoughtful technical studies. Each level contains a Repertoire book with CD and a Technique book, both with convenient page-by-page correlation. When used together, the books give students a deep understanding of the art of music, performance practices, and the necessary skills to play the piano with technical ease. The Repertoire books include pieces from the major style periods, selected and graded based on festival, competition, and examination lists from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Background information on each style period, its instruments, composers, and the music itself is included. The CD recordings of the repertoire, performed by internationally known clinician and teacher Nancy Bachus, provide an indispensable tool for appropriate musical interpretation. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music with an M.M. in Piano Performance and Literature, Nancy Bachus has performed solo recitals across the U. S., Canada, and Italy, and appeared in the original "Monster Concerts" in venues such as Lincoln Center and the White House. Titles: Bagpipe (Anonymous) * Beginnings Are Difficult (Türk) * Echo Dance (Hainhofer) * Allegretto (Reinagle) * German Dance (Praetorius) * Moderato (Bartók) * Little Waltz, Op. 82, No. 18 (Gurlitt) * Country Dance (Wohlfahrt) * Romance (Wohlfahrt) * Little Star (Czerny) * Folk Dance (Bartók) * The Sherherd Pipes (Salutrinskaya) * Little Minuet (Geoffroy) * Air (Handel) * Hopak (Anonymous) * Minuet in F Major (L. Mozart) * Andantino, Op. 190, No. 25 (Köhler).
Keyboard Instruments
During the Baroque and Classical Eras
The Baroque Harpsichord
The Pianoforte (Soft-Loud)
During the Romantic and Modern Eras
Pianos Grow Stronger in the Romantic Era
Pianos in the Modern Era
An Early Musical Instrument
Bagpipe (Baroque) Anonymous
Keyboard Lessons in the 18th Century
Beginnings Are Difficult (Classical) Daniel Gottlob Türk
Baroque Dances
Echo Dance (Baroque) Philip Hainhofer
Music Lessons in the United States
Allegretto (Classical) Alexander Reinagle
German Dance (Baroque) Michael Praetorius
Béla Bartók
Moderato (Modern) Béla Bartók
Keyboard Lessons in the 19th Century
Little Waltz, Op. 82, No. 18 (Romantic) Cornelius Gurlitt
Country Dances
Country Dance (Romantic) Heinrich Wohlfahrt
Romance for Piano
Romance (Romantic) Heinrich Wohlfahrt
Carl Czerny
Little Star (Classical) Carl Czerny
Hungarian Folk Dance
Folk Dance (Modern) Béla Bartók
Program Music
The Shepherd Pipes (Modern) Tat'iana Salutrinskaya
Court Dance
Little Minuet (Baroque) Jean-Nicolas Geoffroy
George Frideric Handel
Air (Baroque) George Frideric Handel
Ukrainian Folk Dance
Hopak (Modern) Anonymous
The Mozart Family
Mozart's Keyboard Lessons
Minuet in F Major (Classical) Leopold Mozart
Louis Köhler
Andantino, Op. 190, No. 25 (Romantic) Louis Köhler