Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Volume 7 (Spanning Seven Centuries)
84 Early Intermediate Selections Spanning Seven Centuries - Medieval to Modern
Ed. Willard A. Palmer
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UPC: 038081125640
ISBN 10: 0882847848
ISBN 13: 9780882847849
PRICE: $15.95
Series: Alfred Masterwork Edition: Essential Keyboard Repertoire
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Comb Bound Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Early Intermediate / Intermediate
This volume of 84 early-intermediate selections compiled and edited by Willard Palmer offers the piano student an introduction to the easiest keyboard music of various composers spanning seven centuries and embracing the following periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.
A Lingering Song [Op. 98] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
A Little Song Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
A Magic Game Béla Bartók (composer)
A Short Story [Op. 65] Sergei Prokofiev (composer)
Albumleaf Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Allegro Muzio Clementi (composer)
Allegro Samuel Arnold (composer)
Allegro Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
Allegro in B-Flat Major [K. 3] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Andantino [Op. 23] Johann Anton André (composer)
Andantino in F-Sharp Major Franz Liszt (composer)
Angloise Leopold Mozart (composer)
Arabesque [Op. 100] Johann Freidrich Burgmüller (composer)
Bagatelle Robert Schumann (composer)
Bourée [BWV 996] Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Bourlesq Leopold Mozart (composer)
Cantabile in B-Flat Major [Posthumous] Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Clowns [Op. 39] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Contradance Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Contradance in C Major Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Das Ballet Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
Die Waldhörner und das Echo Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
Écossaise Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Entr'acte Franz Schubert (composer)
Etude in E Major [Op. 98] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
Evening in the Country Béla Bartók (composer)
Fanfare Minuet William Duncombe (composer)
Follia Alessandro Scarlatti (composer)
Gaillarde Anonymous (source)
Gavotte in G Major George Frederic Handel (composer)
Humming Song Robert Schumann (composer)
King William's March Jeremiah Clarke (composer)
Le Petit-Rien François Couperin (composer)
March in D Major [BWV Anh. 122] Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (composer)
Mazurka in G Minor [Op. 67, No. 2] Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Melodie Robert Schumann (composer)
Menuet Al Rovescio Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
Menuet and Trio Franz Schubert (composer)
Menuet en Rondeau Jean-Philippe Rameau (composer)
Menuet in C Major [K. 315g] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Menuet in D Minor George Frederic Handel (composer)
Menuet in F Major [K. 2] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Menuet in F Major [K. 4] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Menuet in F Major [K. 5] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Menuet in G Major [BWV Anh. 114] Christian Petzold (composer)
Menuet in G Minor [BWV Anh. 115] Christian Petzold (composer)
Minuetto and Trio Ignaz Joseph Pleyel (composer)
Minuetto in F Major Johann Christian Bach (composer); Francesco Pasquale Ricci (composer)
Musette [BWV 808] Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Musiciens Ambulants Vladimir Rebikov (composer)
Pastorale [Op. 100] Johann Freidrich Burgmüller (composer)
Polonaise in G Minor [BWV Anh. 119] Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Prelude Henry Purcell (composer)
Prelude in A Minor [Op. 23] Johann Anton André (composer)
Prelude in C Major Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Prelude in C Major [BWV 939] Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Prelude in E Minor [Op. 28, No. 4] Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Prelude in G Major Johann Kuhnau (composer)
Prelude in G Minor Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Rondeau Jean-Joseph Mouret (composer)
Saraband George Frederic Handel (composer)
Sarabande Johann Mattheson (composer)
Sarabande Jaques Champion De Chambonnières (composer)
Scherzo Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Sewing Song Béla Bartók (composer)
Soldiers' March Robert Schumann (composer)
Sonata in D Minor Domenico Scarlatti (composer)
Sonata in D Minor Antonio Soler (composer)
Sonatina in F Major Johann Baptist Vanhal (composer)
Sonatina in F Major Johann Baptist Vanhal (composer)
Sonatina in G Major Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Sonatina in G Major Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Spanish Dance Muzio Clementi (composer)
The Happy Farmer Robert Schumann (composer)
The Morris William Byrd (composer)
The Prince of Denmark's March Jeremiah Clarke (composer)
The Wild Rider Robert Schumann (composer)
Toccatina [Op. 27] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Trumpet Tune Henry Purcell (composer)
Trumpet Tune Jeremiah Clarke (composer)
Two Menuets [K. 6] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Une Petite Chanson Rhené-Baton (composer)
Valsette Alexander Morovsky (composer)
Waltz in A-Flat Major [Op. 39, No. 15] Johannes Brahms (composer)
Waltz in C Major Ignaz Joseph Pleyel (composer)
Ye Souldiers Dance William Byrd (composer)