Ear Training and Violin Playing
By Bruno Steinschaden and Helmut Zehetmair
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Instrument: Violin
Ear Training and Violin Playing was written by two Austrian teachers who pioneered the Suzuki approach in the German-speaking world. This valuable little book was written as a supplementary "aid" to the Suzuki teacher, concentrating on posture, bow grip, instrument selection, the bow itself and a helpful analysis of Book One of the Suzuki Violin School. Many insights are offered throughout the book, all gained from intense study, ten years of experience and successful teaching. Some slight departures from Suzuki's own teaching are discussed: the incorporation of native songs, elementary music theory and ear training, and introduction of ensemble playing. Early childhood musical education, it is emphasized, must always be accomplished with love and understanding, and only when parents, students, and teachers form a unified whole.
Preface by Shinichi Suzuki
Practical Methodological Commentary on Suzuki Violin Volume One
Posture and Holding the Violin
The Bow Grip
The Appropriate Violin
The Violin Bow
Beginning to Play
Changing Strings
Positioning the Fingers
Supplementary Exercises