Dynamic Duets for Snare Drum
By Brian Slawson
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UPC: 038081484280
ISBN 10: 1470615509
ISBN 13: 9781470615505
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Series: Alfred’s Percussion Performance Series
Category: Percussion - Snare Drum Duet
Format: Book
Instrument: Drum
Level: Beginner
This collection of 15 beginning duets contains an entertaining variety of performance pieces aimed at nurturing a musical approach to snare drumming. Students are exposed to the use of dynamics in a gradual, coherent fashion, making it easy to understand their use as one of the greatest vehicles for expression in music. Ideal for festival, as well as concert use, these charming duets may also appeal to more accomplished players and challenge their attention to detail.
Explanation of Terms
1. Dynamic Duo
2. More in Four
3. Minus One
4. Hoops
5. Two-Timer
6. Tom-Tom Flanagan
7. Who's on First?
8. Straight Answer
9. So Goes the Bolero
10. Flam Jam
11. The Kings of Rock 'n' Roll
12. Twin Spin
13. Stylin'
14. Oddball
15. War Zone
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