Duet Classics for Piano, Book 2
Ed. Gayle Kowalchyk and E. L. Lancaster
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ISBN 10: 0739003577
ISBN 13: 9780739003572
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Category: Piano Duet (1 Piano, 4 Hands)
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate
These three unique volumes contain 47 duets in their original form written by composers who lived in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The primo and secondo parts are written on facing pages and are of equal difficulty, allowing students of equal ability to perform together. These duets can be used as supplementary material for any course of study.
Allegro in E Minor [Op. 149, No. 28] Anton Diabelli (composer)
Andante Igor Stravinsky (composer)
Andantino [Op. 163, No. 2] Anton Diabelli (composer)
Balalaika Igor Stravinsky (composer)
Barcarolle [Op. 22, No. 2] Zdenek Fibich (composer)
Galop [Op. 87, No. 46] Heinrich Wohlfahrt (composer)
March [Op. 87, No. 44] Heinrich Wohlfahrt (composer)
Rondino [Op. 149, No. 17] Anton Diabelli (composer)
Rondo Anton Diabelli (composer)
Shepherd's Poem [Op. 43, No. 3] Franz Bendel (contributor)
Sonatina in G Major, Larghetto [Op. 45, No. 2] Johann Anton André (composer)
Sonatina in G Major, Rondo [Op. 45, No. 2] Johann Anton André (composer)
Three Little Pieces (II) Anton Bruckner (composer)
Three Little Pieces (III) Anton Bruckner (composer)
Venetian Gondolier's Song [Op. 6, No. 3] Oskar Fried (contributor)
Waltz [Op. 98, No. 15] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)