Drums in the Rhythm Section
Designed to Teach the Drummer How to Perform and Interact within a Rhythm Section
By Steve Houghton
Item: 00-0048B
UPC: 029156617078
ISBN 10: 1576239918
ISBN 13: 9781576239919
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Series: The Contemporary Rhythm Section Series
Category: Percussion - Drum Set Method or Collection
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Drum Set
This book & CD focuses on the drumset as it relates to the rest of the rhythm section. Various scenarios are discussed and represented in diagram form, including setups and drum tuning suggestions. Various styles of music, such as medium swing, up-tempo swing, rock, fusion, Latin styles, vocal jazz, and odd time are then studied. Throughout each style of music, the author discusses, from a drummer's perspective, numerous techniques and approaches that apply (for example, left-hand triplet interplay). Soloing, improvisation, chart reading, and ear training are also covered. The CD play-along allows the reader the opportunity to read, listen, and practice what is discussed.