Concert Etude for Trumpet and Piano
By Alexander Goedicke
Category: Brass - B-flat Cornet (Trumpet) Solo
Instrument: Trumpet
Level: (IV-V)
The Concert Etude is written along fairly "Classical Lines," Which is not too difficult to understand since Goedicke is one of the greatest living exponents of the "Western Tradition" in Russia. The word "etude" which ordinarily connotes a dry-as-dust study is qualified with the word "concert" by the composer. It follows along the lines of the chopin etudes for piano which have always been used both as study and concert material. The opening theme has the light, airy character of a Mozart rondo or Mendelssohn scherzo. The secondary theme, which appears at (5), is in direct contrast and has broad, flowing lines. The tonguings should all be soft and the player should take short breaths so that all the notes will appear connected. B-Flat Trumpet (cornet) and piano. (MCA Music)
I Got the Sun in the Morning Irving Berlin (contributor)