Summy Solo Piano Package, No. 501
Category: Piano Collection
Instrument: Piano
Level: Advanced
Contains: Lament (Gilbert Allen) * Etude (Alexandre Tansman) * Boogie Rock (Richard Shores) * Chili Peppers (Olive Nelson Russell) * Gallopade (Genevieve Lake) * To the Rising Sun (Trygve Torjussen) * The Restless Sea (Berenice Benson Bentley) * Pinwheels (William L. Gillock) * Mirage (William L. Gillock).
Lament Gilbert Allen
Etude Alexandre Tansman
Boogie Rock Richard Shores
Chili Peppers Olive Nelson Russell
Gallopade Genevieve Lake
To the Rising Sun Trygve Torjussen
The Restless Sea Berenice Benson Bentley
Pinwheels William L. Gillock
Mirage William L. Gillock