Strings Around the World: Folk Songs of Scandinavia
Folk Songs from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden
Arr. Kitty Pääkkönen
Series: Strings Around the World
Category: String Orchestra Collection
Instrumentation: Score
The Strings Around the World series is designed for the student string orchestra, string quartet, or violin group. The arrangements often take the tunes a step further than their original musical intention but they are not technically difficult. The rhythmic and tonal variations of these folk songs provide enjoyment to performers and audience alike.

Titles in Folk Songs of Scandinavia are: Det var en lördagsafton (Denmark) * Pigen synger (Denmark) * Nå skiner sola (Norway) * Ringnesen (Norway) * On neidolla punapaula (Finland) * Emma (Finland) * Ack Värmeland, du sköna (Sweden) * Äppelbo gånglåt (Sweden) * Gammal fäbodpsalm (Sweden).