Suzuki Piano Ensemble Music, Volume 1 for Piano Duet
Second Piano Accompaniments
By Barbara Meixner
Series: Suzuki Piano School
Category: Piano - Suzuki Method
Instrument: Piano
These books are to be used with the corresponding volumes of the Suzuki Piano School to produce duet or duo versions of the pieces in the original series. Volume 1 titles include: Allegro * Chant Arabe * Christmas Day Secrets * Clair de Lune * French Children's Song * Go Tell Aunt Rhody * Goodbye to Winter * The Honeybee * London Bridge * Long, Long Ago * Lightly Row (Alberti Bass) * Little Playmates * Mary Had a Little Lamb * Musette * Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Variations and more.
Go Tell Aunt Rhody Folk Song
French Children's Song Folk Song
London Bridge Folk Song
Mary Had a Little Lamb Folk Song
Allegretto 2 C. Czerny
Christmas Day Secrets T. Dutton
Allegro S. Suzuki
Musette Anonymous
Clair de Lune J. B. Lully
Long, Long Ago T. H. Bayly
Little Playmates F. X. Chawatal
Chant Arabe Anonymous
Allegretto 1 C. Czerny
Good-bye to Winter Folk Song
Lightly Row (Octaves) Folk Song
The Honeybee Folk Song
Cuckoo Folk Song
Lightly Row (Alberti Bass) Folk Song
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Variations S. Suzuki