Best of U2
Category: Guitar Personality
Instrument: Guitar
Version: Guitar Recorded Versions
Few musicians have forged as unique a style as U2's guitarist, The Edge. This folio chronicles ten early hits with notes and tablature. Titles include: Surrender * Bad * A Sort of Homecoming * Gloria * The Unforgettable Fire * I Will Follow * Sunday Bloody Sunday * October * New Year's Day * Pride (In the Name of Love.)
Bad U2 (contributor); Adam Clayton (contributor); Larry Mullen, Jr. (contributor); Paul Hewson (contributor); David Evans (contributor)
Gloria U2 (contributor); Adam Clayton (contributor); Larry Mullen, Jr. (contributor)
I Will Follow U2 (contributor)
New Years Day U2 (contributor)
October U2 (contributor)
Pride (In the Name of Love) U2 (contributor); Adam Clayton (contributor); Larry Mullen, Jr. (contributor); David Evans (contributor); Paul Hewson (contributor)
A Sort of Homecoming U2 (contributor)
Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 (contributor)
Surrender U2 (contributor)
Unforgettable Fire U2 (contributor)