Piano Bridge, Book 1
By Meg Gray
Category: Piano Collection
Instrument: Piano
Level: Elementary
Motivate piano students with these creative game-oriented approach activities that review the first and second years of piano study. Perfect for summer piano lessons!
Music Facts
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Project 1 Focus: Middle C, Bass F
Project 2 Focus: Middle C, Treble G
Project 3 Focus: Dynamics, Time Signatures, Note Values
Project 4 Focus: Treble Clef Lines, Legato (Slur), Staccato
Project 5 Focus: Treble Clef Notes
Project 6 Focus: Musical Analysis, Rhythm Pattern Quarter-Half-Quarter Note
Project 7 Focus: Bass Clef Lines, Review of Terms, Legato/Staccato
Project 8 Focus: Bass Clef Lines, Ear Patterns
Project 9 Focus: Musical Analysis, Review of Terms
Project 10 Focus: Grand Staff, Treble Clef Lines, Bass Clef Lines
Project 11 Focus: Treble Clef Lines, Bass Clef Lines, Rhythm Patterns in 3/4
Project 12 Focus: Treble Clef Spaces, Sharp
Project 13 Focus: Treble Clef Spaces, Natural
Project 14 Focus: Musical Analysis, Flat
Project 15 Focus: Bass Clef Spaces, Flat, Natural
Project 16 Focus: Bass Clef Spaces
Project 17 Focus: Musical Analysis, f, mf, Time Signatures
Project 18 Focus: Ear Patterns, Bass Clef Spaces
Project 19 Focus: Treble Clef Spaces, Bass Clef Spaces, Tie
Project 20 Focus: Steps, Tie
Project 21 Focus: Step, Repeat, Tie, Slur
Project 22 Focus: Skips, Quarter Rest, Half Rest
Project 23 Focus: Skips, Repeats, Whole Rest, Half Rest, Quarter Rest
Project 24 Focus: Steps, Skips, Repeats
Project 25 Focus: Steps, Skips, Note Identification
Project 26 Focus: 2nds, Rhythm Patterns, f, mp, p
Project 27 Focus: 2nds, f, mf, mp, p, Staccato, Legato
Project 28 Focus: 3rds, Musical Analysis
Project 29 Focus: Musical Analysis, Rhythm Pattern Quarter-Quarter-Quarter Note
Project 30 Focus: 2nds and 3rds, Notes and Rests
Project 31 Focus: 2nds and 3rds
Project 32 Focus: Note Identification
Project 33 Focus: Harmonic 2nds and 3rds, Notes and Rests
Project 34 Focus: C Position, Note Identification
Project 35 Focus: Middle C Position, Ear Patterns
Project 36 Focus: Middle C Position, Melodic and Harmonic 2nds and 3rds, Note and Rest Values, Ties