Dave Brubeck: Selections from Seriously Brubeck
Original Music by Dave Brubeck
Dave Brubeck / ed. Gail Lew and John Salmon
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ISBN 10: 0757909647
ISBN 13: 9780757909641
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Category: Piano - Personality Book
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Intermediate / Early Advanced
The seven pieces in this volume are excerpted from two ballet suites composed by Dave Brubeck. "Struttin'" and "Doing the Charleston" are from the four-movement set Glances. Also included are five selections from Points on Jazz: Prelude * Scherzo * Rag * Waltz * A la Turk. Brubeck himself describes Glances as "my most Milhaud-inspired work," a tribute to the French composer with whom Dave studied composition. Points on Jazz was commissioned by the American Ballet Theatre and the cover of this incredible collection features Dave at the piano surrounded by the dancers. See also Seriously Brubeck (ELM02027).